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VP-66ADM Cool Trimmer Head. Semi Matic Bump Feed. 5-1/2" Diameter. Low Profile.- Arbor Bolts insert stud Included, 8mm x 1.25 LHM & Installed 10mm x 1.25 LHF Counter Bore. Fits Echo, Shindaiwa & other popular trimmers. Holds 30' of .095" & 20' of .105" Line. Aerodynamic patent pending design Super fast line installation Remove unused line without opening head Large spool capacity, light weight & low profile Simple to use and maintain Rated at an impressive 12,000 RPM Fuel efficient. Reduced noise level

VP66ADM "Cool" Head Trimmer Head

Product ID: VP66ADM

Product Specifications

Replaces OEM Numbers

  • ECHO: SRM SERIES:140/A/D/DA, 200/A/AE/BE/CE/D/DA/DB/DE, 202:DA/FA, 210/AE/E/I/SB/U, 220, 225:I/SB/U, 230/S/U, 250/E/EL/EU, 251, 260/S/U, 261, 265/S/T/U, 280/S/T/U, 300/AE/AE1/E/E1/U, 302/ADX/BDX, 303E, 310/U, 311/S/U, 330, 340, 343/SL, 350, 400/AE/B/BE/E/U, 402DE, 500, 501, 1500/A, 1501, 2090:L/U, 2010L, 2100/SB, 2101, 2110, 2200, 2201, 2300, 2301, 2350, 2400/SB, 2410, 2450, 2500, 2501/S, 2502, 2510, 2530, 2601, 3000, 3001, 3010, 3100/S, 3110, 3400, 3410, 3500, 3550, 3800, 4600; CLS4600, GT2010, RM:310/380/460, RMA2530, SRA2190

  • REDMAX: BC200, BC250, BC2000DL, BC2300DL, BC3401DL, BC4401DW, BCX2600S, BCZ2400S, BCZ2500:SU/SWG, BCZ2600S, BCZ3000:S/SW, BT2000, BT2001DL, ECZ2500S-BC, SGCZ2500S, SGCZ2600S, BC254A, BC260:DM/DMU/DL, BC261DL, BC262DL, BC340DL, BC341DL, BC342DL, BC430DWM, BC2200:E/LDC, BC2301S, BC2600DL, BC2601S, BC3400:DL/DW, BC4400:DW/DWM/DL, BCD20, BCX2600:S/DS, BCZ2500:S/SW/BC, BT2200LDC,  DM340:DMW/FW, G2KC, MD431DWM, SGC2300DL, SGCX2600S
  • SHINDAIWA:  B35, B40, B45, B450, BP35, C35, C350, RC45, T350, C23, C260, C261, C270, C3410, DYB:251/252/254/261/321/322, F18, F20, F230, P18, P21, T260, T261/B/RX/XB, T27, T270, T272/X, T282/X, T3410X, T300   
  • STIHL: FS50/E/F, FS51/AVE, FS60, FS61/AE/E, FS65/AVE/AVRE, FS80:E/RE, FS90/AVE, FS91

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